Natasa Dinic

a teacher of Serbian language and literature, a linguist,
an author and a co-author of textbooks for learning Serbian as a foreign language and a columnist.
She writes poetry and short stories.


Natasa Dinic was born on 24 August 1970, in Novi Sad, Serbia, a child of father Bozidar (1939–1999) and mother Sofija (1949–2012). In her hometown she finished elementary school and high school, and obtained a B.A. at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Serbian Language and Yugoslav Literature. She also graduated from the Theological Institute at the Faculty of Theology, University of Belgrade.

For the past 21 years, she has been teaching Serbian as a foreign language to kids and adults (SFL) in Greater Vancouver area and abroad. She is also offering students an opportunity to learn not only Serbian but to get to know Serbian culture and history.

Since 2017, Dinic is offering private tutoring via Skype to kids and adults. Her courses are tailored to suit learners age, personal needs and goals.

Dinic is a co-author and one of the independent publishers of a textbook Serbian for Kids (Beginner 1), published in Canada in 2014.

She was one of the editors and columnist at the Glasnik and Kišobran, where for six years she acted as an editor of a feuilleton called Faith and Tradition.

With her team Dinic is working on two new textbooks for learning Serbian as a foreign language: The Book of Verbs and Serbian 4 Kids (1 and 2).

Dinic is the founder of an online magazine The Cradle, based in Canada.

She has been living in Canada since 2000.

She has a daughter, Zoe Sophia.