Learning Serbian via Skype for Kids


Здраво! Ja сам Наташа. Како се ти зовеш?
Zdravo! Ja sam Nataša. Kako se ti zoveš?


Skype Serbian one-on-one lessons for kids are very effective and fun! Kids can start to speak Serbian from their own homes, from any location worldwide…

All they need is a will to learn Serbian and Skype!

As a teacher, who is a native speaker of Serbian language, in teaching Serbian as a foreign language to the kids and adults for more than 17 years, I use: communicative method of teaching, learning through context which students can identify with, interactive and engaging activities such as: singing, acting and playing. I use: role-plays, show and tell, songs, suitable short stories, games, usual or unusual topics etc.

I offer a wide range of levels from absolute beginners to advanced:

1. Beginner 1
2. Beginner 2
3. Intermediate 1
4. Intermediate 2
5. Advanced 1
6. Advanced 2 and more…

Every level is tailored to the kid’s personal needs and capabilities.

For the Beginner 1 and 2 levels, besides everything above-mentioned, I recommend textbook Serbian for Kids 1. This textbook is ideal for young students ages 7 to 9 who would like to learn Serbian.

If your child wants to learn Serbian, send me a message and ask me if you have any question.

Together we can start a new adventure!


Видимо се!
Vidimo se!