“I always had a dream to speak to my father in his native Serbian language. I went out searching for the right teacher and after the very first class with Nataša I was speaking basic sentences, as we progressed, she incorporated culture and history into every class to keep my interest alive and gave purpose to what I was learning. I’m forever grateful for her help and look forward to each class!” – Milan and Tamara Gubash

“We have three children, ages 13, 10, and 8, who are taking online Serbian lessons with Nataša Dinić. Since they started lessons, we are noticing improvement in their ability to read, speak and understand Serbian. They tell us they enjoy their lessons and would like to continue with them.

We contacted Nataša because we discovered the textbook she co-authored for children whose primary language is English. We had a discussion with her about our goals and requirements: someone who had experience working with younger students; formal qualifications and training; and experience creating tailored lesson plans (including homework assignments) within the framework of a curriculum.

Nataša met with each of them and came up with a program of study for each student. This was not a straightforward task as our children have very different levels of comfort with the Serbian language. We are particularly impressed with the way she connects pedagogical goals to the interests of the student. For example, there was a lesson where our youngest discussed LEGO projects and space, the middle child discussed music, while the eldest learned about historical events and Serbian culture.

We would recommend Nataša to anyone looking to improve their Serbian and increase their knowledge of Serbia, its society and culture.” – Aleksandar, Bojana, Milana, Jovana and Nemanja Živanović, Arlington, Massachusetts, USA

Aleksandar, Bojana, Milana, Jovana and Nemanja Živanović

“Natasa is an amazing instructor and I am so lucky to have found her! This summer I decided to finally learn Serbian as I grew up listening to my family speak it but for the most part English was spoken so as an adult I had always been uncomfortable to speak it in front of others although I could pick up what they were saying.

She has helped me build my confidence in the short time she has been teaching me and I have learned a ton of new words and how to link words/grammar to form conversations with my family and friends. Her classes are tailored to your speed of learning and I promise you they are so much fun! I look forward to continuing my weekly classes and one day fluently speaking Serbian. Hvala Natasa.” – Stephanie Radic, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Stephanie Radic

“Finding Natasa as a teacher was the inspiration I needed to start re-learning Serbian. I was exposed to it growing up and was stuck in the “understand but cannot speak” phase. Every class with her feels like a relaxed conversation where I get to use my newly found vocabulary and learn new concepts at the same time. She is very passionate about teaching and that translates in fun personalized classes. I am looking forward to a lot more classes that match my pace of learning.” – Cristina Jurj, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Cristina Jurj

My sons, ages 12 and 7, started their Serbian lessons with Nataša in May of this year, and already, they have both improved greatly, each in their own way!  I am very happy with their progress and relieved that they are finally receiving proper instruction. Serbian is spoken in our home, and the boys can understand it and speak it to a varying degree, respectively. However, only one of us, the parents, is a native Serbian speaker, which has made it somewhat challenging to be consistent in immersing them in the language on a daily basis. 

Nataša was able to gage their fluency and thus tailor the lessons to meet further development in reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. She has also determined their individual style of learning, which has made the lessons not only beneficial, but fun as well. They truly both look forward to them!

When the lessons started, my older son expressed that he would like to be more proficient in his use of grammar as well as to expand his vocabulary. I am definitely starting to see the difference when he speaks.

The younger son is rather shy and has been refraining from trying to speak the language for fear of making a mistake. Now, he is slowly building his confidence and is more inclined to speak, not to mention that he was so proud to show me what now he can read and write.

They are also being introduced, when fitting, to some cultural concepts and traditions, which makes it a great way for them to connect to their roots. 

I am extremely happy and look forward to their continued learning with Nataša. – Milan, Novak, Henri and Ivana Sangam, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Milan, Novak, Henri and Ivana Sangam

“I was trying to find a teacher of Serbian language like Natasa Dinic for my kids for a long time. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack because we live in Mexico City! But we were lucky to find Natasa and now she is teaching our 10 and 12 years old sons. She has been teaching them in a cool and very knowledgeable way and now they can express themselves in Serbian. Our sons already speak Spanish, English, Portuguese and French, and now we are very pleased that they can learn Serbian too.

Even if they don’t have a good day because of the COVID pandemic situation during the class I always hear them laughing. They really love and enjoy the fun and interactive way of teaching that Natasa is doing.

Thank you Natasa for everything!” – Milos, Luka, Marko and Jessica Jugovic Torres, Mexico City, Mexico

Milos, Luka, Marko and Jessica Jugovic Torres

“Natasa has personalized all of our lessons and she can answer all my tough questions. She teaches at whatever speed I need and always makes class fun! Natasa je odlicna uciteljica!” – Gabriela Trainor

Gabriela Trainor

“Our 8-year old and 5-year old kids didn’t know any Serbian when they started learning it with Natasha. After several months of weekly lessons they learned many words and phrases that one uses on a daily basis. Natasha is very good at engaging kids and teaching them the language through play. The kids always enjoyed coming to the lessons”. – Luka, Stella, Lizanne & Sasha Milanovic

Luka, Stella, Lizanne & Sasha Milanovic

“Natasa is a very patient instructor and loves what she does! I feel comfortable learning Serbian with her and feel like I am really learning the Serbian language through conversations. While other teachers would spend most time on grammar Natasa focuses on everyday conversations you would have and intertwines the grammar in there. For me this is extremely helpful and I feel able to have simple conversations with family/friends. I have no doubt that with more lessons and practice I will be able to really impress my family and speak Serbian with them :)” – Valentina Jovovic

Valentina Jovovic
“I have been taking Serbian classes with Natasa for just over one year, normally once per week. My goal when starting the class was to improve my conversational Serbian to speak with family and strangers. Natasa tailors the classes to your learning style and goals whereas other Serbian classes I have taken had a more academic approach, not recognizing my goals as a student.

I appreciate Natasa’s patience and she is always prepared for every class, having a work plan tailored specifically to where I’m at in my learning journey. Natasa uses interactive and simulation exercises, which helps me to better remember the lessons. She also revisits past classes so I don’t forget what I’ve learned. Every class we talk a bit about my day/week, which usually involves learning new words and sentences. This helps me to apply what I’ve learned to my everyday activities, so I can practice conversing with my family at home.

I am very happy with my progress so far and attribute that to Natasa’s teaching style. I would happily recommend her to anyone looking to learn Serbian.” – Katarina Leckovic

Katarina Leckovic